There is just something about East coast beaches in South Africa. Magnificent broad, open, almost completely deserted beaches, warm ocean, miles and miles of rugged coastline as far as the eye can see, and hot and sunny, sometimes windy weather seems to be as much a part of this stunning stretch of paradise as the rich, colourful, lively culture of its people. Hidden away next to the Wild Coast Jikeleza Route of the Eastern Cape, you’ll find a true gem of a place, Chintsa, one I highly recommend visiting if you want to be surrounded by friendly local people and tourists and stunning scenery. Take it from me, sunsets here... are breathtaking!

During a humid and cloudy afternoon, when the wind was quiet and the light playing and peeking through the clouds, I captured this group of friends just doing what they usually do this time of the day while on holiday...  Going for a walk on the beach, laughing, and admiring the stunning backdrop of what nature has to offer here.