Be afraid... be very afraid! Just kidding. Although I’ve now gained more respect for what these athletes do. As a sport lover, when I was first asked to attend a training session and capture the style, movement and discipline of this art form, I was truly excited. Turns out they train for hours each day and you’ll have new found respect for this discipline and lifestyle the moment you attend a training session.

Sensei Ane du Preez, (a 3rd Dan Sensei – Sandan, and Sensei Hans Haasbroek Jokyo (a 5th Dan – Godan) are currently training at the Bushido-Dojo Free State, Achilles Sport Club, for the 7th Karate-Do Goju-Kai World Championships 2017, in Vancouver Cananda, later this year.  The passion and respect they have for training and teaching others, ranging from really young kids to older active individuals, was amazing to witness and the images captured here might show only a small part of that.