Lets’s face it, when you’re a senior at university and the prospect of your final formal dance is fast approaching,  it is a wonderful exciting event to look forward to. This lovely group of girls first contacted me a little while before the big event, and wanted to book a session for a group of 10 people. Just their close friends and partners, and they wanted to do it elegantly styled. As you can probably guess, a few unexpected challenges made some unforeseen demands on the timeline of the day, including last minute dress emergencies, hair appointments and traffic. Fortunately, everyone was in such great spirits and we made it work.

These are only some of the images that were captured in no more than 20 min. By no means did it take away from the joy and excitement of the evening that was to follow. It actually created an exciting and fun filled experience, and while laughing and enjoying an incredible golden sunset on a farm just outside of Bloemfontein, South Africa, they opened a bottle of Champagne and watched the sun go down.