This was definitely one of my absolute favorite photo sessions up to date.  I adore this amazing family and when you combine genuine loving people,  the cutest kids, hilarious moments, plenty of spontaneous hugs and kisses, golden light, an incredible outstretched beach, perfect weather,  and a relaxed holiday spirit, you can only be happy and excited about the results. 

The ‘Van de Wall’ family chose to have a fun family photo session at their favorite beach where they love to go on holiday and spend time with other family and friends. Hidden away on the Wild Coast region, in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, lies a secluded paradise of rugged coastline and magnificent breathtaking beaches . No words can describe the ‘wow’ factor of an idyllic little coastal town called Cintsa, and the spectacular beaches that welcomes you and makes you want to take up permanent residence there forever.  The locals pronounce it ‘Chintsa” (with a click of the tongue) and if you drive about 10 minutes North East, up the Wild coast Jikeleza Route, take a winding gravel road and walk a short, sandy pathway along the coastline, you’ll find the beautiful, almost secluded ‘Chefane beach.' This entire coastline boast with magnificent scenery and a broad stretch of white sandy beaches which is where they chose to have a fun golden hour portrait session. They love spending time here, their own little happy place,… and I can easily understand why.