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A “Mini Session” is only a collective name for a whole bunch of fun happening in a short amount of time. Mini sessions are a relatively quick, “be as you are” Lifestyle and Portrait session. Absolutely perfect if you are short on time, or in the case of family lifestyle sessions, if small kids understandably would rather go play outside. I LOVE creating and capturing portraits. Working with your own personality, individuality, stunning natural light and emotion to try and capture real authentic moments in a beautiful, natural way.

I had a blast with these kids and family members. My approach was simple with this beautiful farm based session.. Just told them to play and explore.. I wanted their own personalities to shine through naturally. We took a walk down the gravel road while the sun was setting on a very hot Summer day, when the light is always amazing. I might have had more fun than they did :) Love doing more of these types of sessions and having all sorts of Sunset adventures.

Why not browse through my Lifestyle / Portrait Portfolio and complete the contact form to book yourself, or you and your loved ones a session. You’ll always be able to look back on these moments captured, even if memories fade a bit.

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I absolutely LOVE shooting and working in moody, overcast conditions and light. It seems to capture the magic of nature and makes the images look and feel amazing. It was truly special to capture these moments and portraits for this beautiful family. And… They bought their Dog with!! Loved it! They wanted to spend some time on this beautiful beach and area they called home for such a long time and where they made some amazing memories. They returned to Germany shortly after this “Summer Sunset Lifestyle session”.

Along the East Coast of South Africa, there is a beautiful, unspoiled area called the Wild Coast which forms part of the Transkei region. Almost secluded and hidden away from commercial life. Absolutely beautiful. Along this very coastline, there is the small rural town of Chintsa, gaining more and more popularity these days, because of the picturesque outstretched beach and coastline and for its natural beauty and friendly local people and activities. A true gem if you’re looking for that “island style barefoot living vibe” A short drive or relaxing walk away from the main beach of Chintsa, you’ll find “Chefane Beach Resort”, all connected by this stunning stretch of coastline and ocean loving locals.

CHEFANE Family Portraits. 66.jpg
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CHEFANE Family Portraits. 8.jpg
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I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to finally share these images.  I was visiting family a little while back in August, and as always, I had a lot of creative ideas running through my mind. As all creative individuals know, Artists cannot help themselves; we are driven to create by our nature. So with no budget, a little bit of time on my hands, and a lot of inspiration, I decided to take action.

My Inspiration:

As a full time Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer, I see so many editorial work that include all the splendid details and extras of a Wedding day, shot at amazing locations or outdoor venues and I do love that. However, I decided to focus on creating and capturing a more intimate setting, and wanted to keep it as simple as possible. I wanted to work with only natural light and capture elegant, beauty inspired Bridal Portraits, that could very well potentially be you, on your Wedding day, getting ready, enjoying some bubbly, having fun! My hope is that you will feel inspired by a Bridal style and incorporate that with your own personality to create something unique. Or maybe just to get a clear idea of what style of Bride you wish to be.

These looks are so easy to recreate and take inspiration from.  I personally was inspired by blush coloured tulle, vintage glamour with a touch of gold and sensual, feminine details with natural elements.  What type of Bride would you say you are? Do you envision yourself as a natural, Boho inspired Bride.  Would you love to portray a more modern, minimalist, yet soft and feminine look. OR are you a vintage loving, glamorous, old Hollywood style of Bride? What are your thoughts on a simple, effortless Elopement or Bridesmaid dress? Tough decision right! ;)

These Editorial inspired Bridal Portraits, will hopefully convince all you lovely ladies that any type of style can easily be created with the right accessories, make-up and styling and that you can look gorgeous in any style.

I scouted and chose three lovely ladies who I thought would be perfect for the type of images I wanted to create and knew I wanted to collaborate with a really talented make-up artist and hairstylist to help create beautiful images.   I am truly amazed by their work and their gorgeous talent and I would say that these talented ladies are artists in their own right. The entire shoot was organized fairly quickly, and with only a little more than a week available I decided to put my skills and hobby as a dress designer to good use and create simple, elegant couture that came together beautifully with the location and styling.

I considered a few indoor locations, but none really had the style and feel that I envisioned.  Upon arriving at the stylish Tredenham Boutique Hotel, on the outskirts of Bloemfontein, situated in the calm Tredenham Valley, I immediately knew I wanted to tell the story of a lovely bride just getting ready for her Wedding day, at this incredible venue. The management team and staff were so friendly and helpful and I truly cannot thank them enough for accommodating us so effortlessly.

The models were absolutely gorgeous – truly natural beauties, (I’m all about the natural) and the talented Ronel le Roux enhanced their features, doing so first with natural flawless skin and muted tones, and oh so subtle colour, then transforming the look into an elegant, glamorous, more modern feel with a classic red or darker lip, gorgeous luminous skin and striking eyes. These looks suit any woman and can easily be recreated with the right products. Ane Maritz, our talented hair stylist pulled the different looks together with amazing ease and skill. I kept the rest of the look clean and elegant, incorporating the beautiful venue and hints of complementary touches like the beautiful flower arrangement and a fresh cut flower crown, from "Rosepark Floral Design".

The entire shoot came together beautifully on a sunny Saturday, and I couldn’t have wished for a better team. What a fun day!! I’ll leave you with this inspiring thought…

“Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication” … (Leonardo da Vinci)


Styling and Concept:  Summerheart Photography

Make-up:  Ronel le Roux Image Consultant

Hair:  Ane Maritz

Bridal Couture:  Sone Fourie

Jewellery and accessories:  Stylists own

Flowers:  Rosepark Floral Design

Venue:  Tredenham Boutique Hotel

Models:  Carmin Cornelius / Elizka Marais / Lu-san Fourie

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Styling: Summerheart Photography / Tulle skirt, accessories: Stylist own / Make-up: Ronel le Roux / Hair: Ane Maritz / Model: Carmin Cornelius


#bridalportraits #weddingdress #weddingphotographer #summerheartphotography #editorial

#bridalportraits #weddingdress #weddingphotographer #summerheartphotography #editorial


Styling: Summerheart Photography / Make-up: Ronel le Roux / Hair: Ane Maritz / Bridal Couture: Sone Fourie / Flowers: Rosepark Floral Design / Model: Carmin Cornelius / Venue: Tredenham Boutique Hotel 


Styling: Summerheart Photography / Dress: Model's own / Make-up: Ronel le Roux / Flower crown: Rosepark Floral Design


#bridalportrait #weddingphotographer #bohemian #summerheartphotography #naturalportraits

#bridalportrait #weddingphotographer #bohemian #summerheartphotography #naturalportraits

Styling: Summerheart Photography / Make-up: Ronel le Roux / Hair: Ane Maritz / Flowers: Rosepark Floral Design / Tulle skirt & Accessories: Stylists own / Venue: Tredenham Boutique Hotel / Model: Elizka Marais



Styling: Summerheart Photography / Make-up: Ronel le Roux / Hair: Ane Maritz / Bridal Couture: Sone Fourie / Model: Elizka Marais / Venue: Tredenham Boutique Hotel / Champagne: Compliments of "J.C Le Roux" ;)



Styling: Summerheart Photography / Make-up: Ronel le Roux / Hair: Ane Maritz / Soft Gold Satin Dress: Sone Fourie / Model: Elizka Marais / Venue: Tredenham Boutique Hotel



Styling: Summerheart Photography / Make-up: Ronel le Roux / Hair: Ane Maritz / Tulle skirt: Stylists own / Model: Lu-san Fourie


#bridalportraits #weddingday # Weddingphotographer #summerheartphotography #weddingdress #editorial

#bridalportraits #weddingday # Weddingphotographer #summerheartphotography #weddingdress #editorial

Styling: Summerheart Photography / Make-up: Ronel le Roux / Hair: Ane Maritz / Bridal Couture: Sone Fourie / Flowers: Rosepark Floral Design / Model: Lu-san Fourie / Venue: Tredenham Boutique Hotel



This vintage inspired, Champagne-Gold Satin Dress is extremely lightweight, luxuriously comfortable and reminiscent of Hollywood's glamorous golden age.



Elopement / Bridesmaid Dress: Sone Fourie | Make-up: Ronel le Roux | Model: Lu-san Fourie




Styling & Concept:  Summerheart Photography (Sone) /

Make-up:  Ronel le Roux Image Consultant /

Hair:  Ane Maritz /

Bridal Couture:  Sone Fourie /

Flowers: Rosepark Floral Design /

Venue: Tredenham Boutique Hotel /

Models: Carmin Cornelius / Elizka Marais / Lu-san Fourie (contact Summerheart Photography for more info)

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All images / content strict COPYRIGHT of Summerheart Photography


A BIG THANK YOU to ALL who allowed me to capture their own unique story and memorable moments this past season. Inquiries and bookings are open for 2018 / 2019. Enjoy this short video of many different sessions and unique moments that hopefully shows the investment and happiness of Photography and capturing life :) 




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All images / content strict COPYRIGHT of Summerheart Photography


Travel and visiting new inspiring places all over the world are a BIG passion of mine. It is the reason why I love what I do. There are so many amazing and beautiful places in the world. Definitely many more I would like to see. Don’t forget to explore more!! I had the opportunity to explore “my own backyard” recently during a documentary project and was again reminded how stunningly beautiful Cape Town, and all surrounding areas and towns are. What an amazing place to call one of my homes.

I had the opportunity to document, and work with a group of people traveling through South Africa, in association with Solo Female Traveler Network and Bush Marine Tours and Adventures, during their Cape Town Global Meetup Tour. I truly loved meeting these interesting and inspiring women and highly recommend exploring Cape Town and all surrounding areas if you ever get the chance.

Here is a short video / show reel that highlights some of the great moments of the trip. Have fun exploring! ….



These are all images or short stories captured during spontaneous in between moments. Often a beautiful landscape urges you to stop and capture the scene. Sometimes a single image tells a story. Other times, only a handful of images are captured during shorter photo sessions, and at times these images are part of a private collection for clients. However these images are all part of many different and diverse stories and a collection of some recent projects I’ve been lucky enough to photograph and had the opportunity to be a part of. 


Lets’s face it, when you’re a senior at university and the prospect of your final formal dance is fast approaching,  it is a wonderful exciting event to look forward to. This lovely group of girls first contacted me a little while before the big event, and wanted to book a session for a group of 10 people. Just their close friends and partners, and they wanted to do it elegantly styled. As you can probably guess, a few unexpected challenges made some unforeseen demands on the timeline of the day, including last minute dress emergencies, hair appointments and traffic. Fortunately, everyone was in such great spirits and we made it work.

These are only some of the images that were captured in no more than 20 min. By no means did it take away from the joy and excitement of the evening that was to follow. It actually created an exciting and fun filled experience, and while laughing and enjoying an incredible golden sunset on a farm just outside of Bloemfontein, South Africa, they opened a bottle of Champagne and watched the sun go down.  


This was definitely one of my absolute favorite photo sessions up to date.  I adore this amazing family and when you combine genuine loving people,  the cutest kids, hilarious moments, plenty of spontaneous hugs and kisses, golden light, an incredible outstretched beach, perfect weather,  and a relaxed holiday spirit, you can only be happy and excited about the results. 

The ‘Van de Wall’ family chose to have a fun family photo session at their favorite beach where they love to go on holiday and spend time with other family and friends. Hidden away on the Wild Coast region, in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, lies a secluded paradise of rugged coastline and magnificent breathtaking beaches . No words can describe the ‘wow’ factor of an idyllic little coastal town called Cintsa, and the spectacular beaches that welcomes you and makes you want to take up permanent residence there forever.  The locals pronounce it ‘Chintsa” (with a click of the tongue) and if you drive about 10 minutes North East, up the Wild coast Jikeleza Route, take a winding gravel road and walk a short, sandy pathway along the coastline, you’ll find the beautiful, almost secluded ‘Chefane beach.' This entire coastline boast with magnificent scenery and a broad stretch of white sandy beaches which is where they chose to have a fun golden hour portrait session. They love spending time here, their own little happy place,… and I can easily understand why. 



There is just something about East coast beaches in South Africa. Magnificent broad, open, almost completely deserted beaches, warm ocean, miles and miles of rugged coastline as far as the eye can see, and hot and sunny, sometimes windy weather seems to be as much a part of this stunning stretch of paradise as the rich, colourful, lively culture of its people. Hidden away next to the Wild Coast Jikeleza Route of the Eastern Cape, you’ll find a true gem of a place, Chintsa, one I highly recommend visiting if you want to be surrounded by friendly local people and tourists and stunning scenery. Take it from me, sunsets here... are breathtaking!

During a humid and cloudy afternoon, when the wind was quiet and the light playing and peeking through the clouds, I captured this group of friends just doing what they usually do this time of the day while on holiday...  Going for a walk on the beach, laughing, and admiring the stunning backdrop of what nature has to offer here. 

I recently met this gorgeous couple when I did a shoot for them just before they were to attend David’s formal senior dance.  I’ve known Carla for a while now.. so when they asked me to capture a much more informal story this time, I was thrilled. They’re such a lovely, lively couple, that I knew this was going to be a fun afternoon.
We decided to take these images at the same farm they were familiar with by now, and where they had their previous photo session. No complains here, give me the wide open outdoors and beautiful light any day. During sunset, the vibrant golden light, hugs the entire area and surrounding farm lands, and paints the open sky with rich warm colours. Amazing to witness and I think a challenge to truly capture. 

This was a special celebration to witness and be a part of. These lovely ladies, Gabrielle and Danielle,  twin sisters and best friends  got pregnant only a week or two apart, and what happened naturally after that was fascinating.

Their friends and family decided to organize a surprise baby shower for the both of them. It was a beautiful lazy Saturday morning and they were both days away from their due date. Together with close friends and family, it turned out to be a joyous and special occasion. Later that week, I had the opportunity to capture a few lovely Maternity images of Gabrielle, effortlessly carrying their second child, a baby girl. Thankfully little Alivia was waiting patiently, but only a few days after the shoot, without it being planned, both Gabrielle and Danielle, welcomed their babies on exactly the same day. Like I said, what a special miracle of love and joy to witness.



Be afraid... be very afraid! Just kidding. Although I’ve now gained more respect for what these athletes do. As a sport lover, when I was first asked to attend a training session and capture the style, movement and discipline of this art form, I was truly excited. Turns out they train for hours each day and you’ll have new found respect for this discipline and lifestyle the moment you attend a training session.

Sensei Ane du Preez, (a 3rd Dan Sensei – Sandan, and Sensei Hans Haasbroek Jokyo (a 5th Dan – Godan) are currently training at the Bushido-Dojo Free State, Achilles Sport Club, for the 7th Karate-Do Goju-Kai World Championships 2017, in Vancouver Cananda, later this year.  The passion and respect they have for training and teaching others, ranging from really young kids to older active individuals, was amazing to witness and the images captured here might show only a small part of that.


Liesl and Ruan’s wedding was certainly an event to remember!! Spectacular service, décor and scenery, an abundance of food and wine, and friends and family that travelled from all over the world marked this happy occasion. Their wedding was held at Lanzerac Hotel and Spa, in the heart of the Stellenbosch Winelands, but in the weeks leading up to their wedding,  Liesl’s friends and family organized a surprise "Kitchen tea" and brunch for her, to add and build towards the festivities of their big day.

It was held at the stylish ‘Oude Werf Hotel’ in Stellenbosch, and it had to be planned way in advance, and sneakily executed, as Liesl works as a doctor in Cape Town, and her time is extremely limited. It turned out to be a lovely unexpected surprise for her and during a sunny beautiful Spring morning I had so much fun capturing all the happy faces, joy, laughter, tears, and surprising moments that all creates lifelong memories around a day like this.


See this as a reminder.. take more photos!! It is wonderful to capture intimate moments with your kids or go ahead and schedule a booking for family portraits when your kids are still really young. Time moves alarmingly quickly and you'll regret not capturing more memories on film. Every once in a while I still browse through, and laugh at my own pictures from when I was a kid.

Keeping this in mind, we did exactly that with this new born family portrait session. It was a hot, lazy afternoon, this adorable brother and sister were just waking up from a nap, their lovely mom had a little extra time, and the natural light was beautifully inviting, shining through from the upstairs window... So I grabbed my camera!


How much do you love all things creative and unique? If you’re like me, then probably a whole lot!!! I am so lucky to personally know this amazingly talented lady and call her one of my best friends, so when we decided to do a product shoot of just some of the many charming pieces she creates and makes herself, we got creative and had loads of fun with it!

Appropriately called ‘The Handmade Heroine’ all her products are handmade with love and care and remarkable craftsmanship. Request literally anything more personalized or custom made, and she will probably be able to do it with ease. These are just a very small collection of a wider range of decor and personal items that you’ll absolutely love, like I do, when you see these beautiful, sometimes hilariously funny pieces up close.